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About Me

my style


My couple

Easy Going
Loves natural images
Laughs a lot
Appreciates little moments
Enjoys a good party

Create genuine relationships, give all my clients the best experience and capture lifelong memories.


Bucket List

My goals for 2017

• Plan my own fabulous wedding! (October 2017)
• Book a wedding at Shustoke, Mythe Barn or Cripps
• Visit Canada for the first time    (Honeymoon whooo!!)
• Blog all my past weddings - what a mammoth task!
• Give up chocolate! <-- Doubtful ;)
• Attend the gym for more than 3 months!
• Mentor 3 new photographers

Follow my journey on my blog

The Detailed Bio...

We live in a little house in Finham in the South of Coventry with our two dogs, Riley & Alfie. I'm obsessed with taking ridiculous photos of them... they make it so easy! I still travel to Scotland once/twice a month for the occasional wedding booking & to visit my family. 

In 2015, my mother passed away. It taught me that despite rocky relationships or tough times - photographs are the most valuable, sentimental & tangible things I'll ever own. I feel privileged to be able to provide that to my clients.

I'm now also fortunate to be able to give back, teaching and mentoring other photographers. I also feel passionately about Zoe's place, which is a local charity to Coventry. You can read more about their cause here. With every booking made, I am making a donation to them. So on behalf of Zoe's place, thank you.

On a rare  weekend off, you can find me going on a woodland dog walk, having a pub lunch or a cream tea - and then settling in for the day with a duvet, our tired doggies and a Netflix boxset binge! 

Growing up, I was most interested in flowers, makeup and dress up.  It's a surprise I didn't become a florist or makeup artist really. I was quite a fan of dressing up, and posing for photos. As I grew older, I did however pinch my mothers camera ALL. THE. TIME either accidentally exposing film - or just taking loads of photos of flowers or our dogs. I'd get super excited about visiting the print shop and seeing what 36 frames I took.  I'm pleased to say that since then my skills have improved ;)

Whilst in high school, instead of partying hard, I geeked out on photoshop, graphic design and working with flattering light and angles. I did consider fashion photography and was always super fascinated and in awe of the skill. I love the feeling someone gets when they see a photo of themselves and go "wow, that's me!"

In 2009 I moved to Scotland.  Steve and I met on OK Cupid randomly in early October 2010. We get married this October at Colstoun House near Edinburgh - so I know a little bit about what you're going through.

In 2012 I studied photography officially at City of Glasgow college. By the end of 2013 I had completed my qualification with full marks, photographed 30 weddings, won Scotland's Wedding Photographer of 2013 - and was fully booked for 2014.